There’s an old Irish proverb that says a good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in a doctor’s book. But it’s no laughing matter when millions of Americans aren’t getting nearly enough shuteye. According to, A common cause of insomnia is anxiety and stress. CBD helps to regulate cortisol, a stress hormone, which has a significant impact on non-REM sleep cycles. A large case series review found that CBD is beneficial for anxiety-related disorders and an increase in sleep quality.

Sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being. Sleep is important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Getting adequate rest may also help prevent excess weight gain, heart disease, and increased illness duration. It’s necessary for our health and for being at our best when we are working. Rest has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, and lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. Vacation in particular has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, and increase lifespan.

Sleep deprivation, also known as insufficient sleep or sleeplessness, is the condition of not having enough sleep. It can be either chronic or acute and may vary widely in severity. A chronic sleep-restricted state adversely affects the brain and cognitive function.